KAVYA SCHOOL | काव्य स्कुल

Admission is largely based on merits, a proven academic success, the potential contributions a student can bring to the community, and an enthusiasm for learning. We enroll students every year to fulfil the vacant seats available on merit base. Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs.

Applicant must submit the following documents along with the completed application form.

  • Letter of reference from the current school
  • An official birth certificate
  • Mark sheet and transfer certificate
  • Payment of the registration and other fees

Exam Policy and Monitoring

We integrate both the traditional formal exam system with modern thematic evaluation procedure through assessing individual performances. A series of class evaluations, observation of behavioral changes, performances in thematic assignments will be recorded and made available in the individual roster both manual and electronic forms for the parents. Every progress will be updated and parents can access to it in the school website through the Unique ID number provided at the time of admission. The report cards of the students’ progress will be sent after each formal exam. The result of the final exam conducted at the end of the academic session and the internal evaluations made throughout the year determine the upgrading of the child.