KAVYA SCHOOL | काव्य स्कुल



Dear parents/ Guardians, The school shall remain closed tomorrow i.e. 2075-01-30, Sunday for the security reason as "Biplov Maoist" has announced Nepal Banda. We are very sorry for the inconveniences . Thank you. Kavya School family

Change in the school calendar


Dear Parents/ Guardians Please take note of the following changes in the school Calendar. A. Friday 2075-01 28: All the teachers and staff members report to the school at 8:00 AM for regular last Sunday planning . The school shall remain closed for the Students. B. Sunday 2075-01-30: There will be a regular school despite the red mark in the calendar . Sorry for the inconveniences. Anticipate your kind cooperation as usual. Thank you Kavya School family



Dear Parents the school shall remain closed today.thank you.

Final Result Distribution - 2074


Dear Parents/Guardians, The final result distribution will be held on 24th Chaitra (7th April,2018) from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Therefore you are requested to collect the result of your ward/s. Additionally, please let us know by 24th Chaitra if your ward/s is not continuing the school next year.

Parents availability : required

Holiday on Thursday


Dear Parents and Guardians It is to inform you all that School shall remain closed on Thursday , 8 th march 2018 to mark the special occasion of Women's Day. Thank you



Dear Parents/Guardians WARM GREETINGS!! You are cordially invited to observe the "Grand Kavya Educational Expo-2074" which is going to be held on the following date, time and venue: Day: Wednesday,23rd Falgun 2074 Time: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Venue: Secondary Block Thank You

School remains closed


Dear parents and guardians Please be advised that school shall remain closed on sunday , 2074/11/20 due to unavoidable circumstances. Your understanding and cooperation on this regard is highly expected. Thank you

Happy Holi


Dear parents and guardians On behalf of school administration , teaching and non-teaching staffs we wish you all prosperous , healthy and happy "FAGUPURNIMA".On this happy occasion school shall remain closed on Thursday,1st March,2018. Thank you

School is closed.


Dear parents and guardians Please be advised that school shall remain closed today, 20th Feb 2018, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Thank you



Dear parents and guardians, WARM GREETINGS!!! It is to notify you that we are lengthening our everyday schedule from Tuesday, 2074/11/08, as the days are getting longer and warmer.Please be advised that school starts at 8:00 am and closes at 4:20 pm . We request you to manage pick up and drop time of your wards from respective bus station or school on the basis of aforementioned points of time. Thank you

Holiday on Tuesday


Dear parents and guardians It is to inform you that on Tuesday 2074/11/01, school shall remain closed to mark shivaratri. Also we beg pardon for wrong print on calender. Thank you

Shivaratri Holiday


Dear Parents/ Guardians, The school will remain closed tomorrow (1st Falgun, 2074) for Shivaratri. Even though the school calendar has marked 2nd of Falgun, 2074 as holiday for Shivaratri, it will be a regular school day. Sorry for inconvenience. Thank you