KAVYA SCHOOL | काव्य स्कुल


Kavya is a coeducational day and boarding school for grades I to X. We welcome and enroll students of all faiths, races, and backgrounds, and offer various need-based scholarships each year. We have small class size which enables staff to build strong relationship with the children, know their families well and work teachers and parents together as a team for the benefit of the children in our care. Each child is fully supported at each stage of learning.

Vision statement

We are guided by "Parents in school" and "Teachers at Home" principle where staff, teachers, students and parents work together in a safe, caring and tolerant community to provide holistic environment with respect and dignity. This enables the students to achieve emotional, social, physical, moral and spiritual development. 
In this partnership, Kavya focuses on integrity in technology, skills and value to teamwork in diversified community incorporating local brains with global ideas.
All members of the school community will model the behaviors expected from the students. In doing this, the school will be a centre of excellence at the forefront of education, community development and environment awareness. 

Rules and regulation

Kavya School strongly believes that students need an ordered, structured environment in which discipline is seen to be firm but fair. School rules are based on courtesy, common sense and personal safety. The highest standards of behaviour and dress are expected and the school will deal firmly with students who behave unacceptably or fail to work satisfactorily.

The following school rules are based on common sense and good practice:

  1. Students should be polite and courteous to staff, each other and visitors.
  2. Students are expected to be punctual for school and lessons.
  3. Full school uniform is to be worn.
  4. Smoking is strictly forbidden – both at school and while travelling to and from school.
  5. The school buildings and grounds should be kept clean and tidy. Rubbish is to be put in the bins provided.
  6. The school does not allow jewellery to be worn (ie rings and necklaces). It will, however, accept the wearing of one small gold or silver stud in each earlobe but will not accept responsibility for it when it must be removed for sport. Facial and tongue piercings are not acceptable on grounds of health and safety. Students who break the rule and wear jewellery will be told to remove it. The school will not accept responsibility for safe keeping of jewellery that students have had to remove.
  7. Students are expected to behave at all times so that that bring credit upon the school. This particularly refers to travelling to and from school, especially on public transport and on the school buses. Students may be banned from the school bus for anti-social behaviour.
  8. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones and other electronic equipment inside the school buildings. Any items seen inside the buildings will be confiscated and kept securely until the end of the day.
  9. The school will not accept responsibility for personal items lost at school.
  10. Students are not allowed to ride, or bring, skateboards or scooters to school.

Classroom Rules

  1. Arrive on time with the correct equipment
  2. Work hard and allow others to do the same
  3. Follow instructions
  4. Treat everyone and everything with respect

Laboratory Rules

  1. Never enter a laboratory without the teacher’s permission
  2. Always listen carefully to instructions
  3. Do not run in the lab
  4. Coats and bags are to be under the bench at all times
  5. Always wear goggles when told to
  6. Tie back long hair and loose clothing
  7. Do not touch gas, water or electrical fittings unless told to do so
  8. Never eat or drink in the lab
  9. Report any chemical spills or accidents to the teacher
  10. Wash any chemicals off your hand and clothes immediately