KAVYA SCHOOL | काव्य स्कुल


Kavya provides reliable transpiration service upon demand. The route, pick up and drop points are managed by our administrative staff. Parents are requested to contact the transportation section if need be.


Many children in schools in Nepal struggle with learning to read. As many teachers and parents will attest, reading failure has exacted tremendous long-term consequences for children's developing self confidence and motivation to learn, as well as for their later school performance. Kavya has a well furnished library and mini class-room libraries in each class to help the children read to prevent the predictable consequences of early reading failure. We put reading first.

Additional Tuition

After 3:00 P.M. Kavya runs additional tuition classes for all our students. Our teachers will help them to do the home work and assist them in the problematic areas of their studies. After 4:30 P.M. school bus leaves from school for drop off. Parents can collect their ward/s from the bus point / school accordingly.


Kavya has spacious dining hall. We provide hygienic Lunch and Tiffin for all our students. We discourage our students from carrying any junk food. We also provide breakfast for students from I - IV.

ARTS - Explore and Express

Kavya offers an extensive arts program with courses in visual arts, choral and instrumental music, dance and drama.