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Embracing Creativity on Book- Free Day at Kavya School

By Aditya Raj Mishra and Niyam Rokka

Kathmandu, August 28

Kavya School students enjoyed practical based learning activities through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities last Friday. They were involved in various activities every Friday with club activities for the skill based learning programs conducted by their respective teachers. Some students were engaged in a variety of Extra Curricular Activities such as; basketball, cricket, football, taekwondo, dance, arts and drawing, acting, singing and dancing and others participated and learned outside the school premises too. "Book Free Friday" is a Kavya tradition and now Schools in The Kathmandu Metropolitan City have started celebrating it after the Department of Education of the Metropolitan made a formal announcement for the same.

Last Friday, students of grade one to nine of Kavya School learned about the art of poetry in the form of कविता वाचन प्रतियोगिता, students from grade nine and eight enjoyed the inter-house poem recitation competition and maintained a competitive environment process which boosted their nepali speaking skills. Similarly, grade ten students also participated in English Extempore Speech competition. Likewise, grade one to three students were involved in classroom cleaning project, paper craft/origami and fun based learning activities on that day. Further, grade four and five students were also involved in Rakhi making, participated in meditation, project work presentation, and grade seven students learned traditional knitting and sewing etc.

Further, the audience enjoyed the ‘Friday Show’ where they polished their poem reciting skills by listening to various nepali poems; such as रामायण बाल काण्ड and many others. In the words of a fellow participant Aditya Raj Mishra shared “The competitive environment built by the audience made me perform my best at the event.” The audience were extremely happy and were learning poetry skills beyond the books at every minute of the event. The soothing poems added a unique vibe to the event that was like no other. The event was nothing short of magnificent.

Students nowadays are more enthusiastic as they are learning different life skills every Friday. Niyam Rokka of grade nine student, feels delighted to learn badminton with coach Mr. Kumar Pradhan. Samunnat Koirala said, “I am glad to learn something new besides the academic course at the school because I feel it as a special day to us.” I have even started practicing badminton in my leisure time too.” Aryan Shrestha of grade nine expresses that Fridays are more like refreshing days with skill-based activities when students get to practice music, games, and other ECA and CCAs freely under the guidance of teachers. 

Binod Thapaliya, a facilitator and HOD of Mathematics at Kavya School, opines that the book-free campaign is facilitating students to boost up their confidence, enhance creativity and also helping to find out their interests and personality development.

Date : 2023-08-28