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Creative Learning with Book-Free Fridays at Kavya School

BY Nirav Shrestha, Aryan Thapa and Tejash Khadka

Kathmandu, September 10: 

Every Friday, students at Kavya School are encouraged to leave their textbooks behind and embark on a day of unstructured, imagination-driven learning with extracurricular activities consisting of sports, arts and crafts, music, etc. The initiative aims to promote independent thinking, problem-solving, and exploration of various forms of creativity. The students are involved in various activities every Friday with club activities for the skill based learning programs conducted by their respective teachers. Some students were engaged in a variety of Extra Curricular Activities such as; basketball, cricket, football, taekwondo, dance, arts and drawing, acting, singing and dancing and others participated and learned different life skills at school.

 Last Friday, the Sulochana House organized the house conduction with a short performance during the daily morning assembly demonstrating the story of Krishna Janmashtami along with the changes in Nepal throughout the last few decades. The First graders had lessons to improve their Nepali handwriting, while the Second graders honed their skill of drawing different animals. Similarly, third graders learned the key aspects of English Story Writing, learned how to tie shoe lace and hair as well as learned how to make a first aid box. Likewise, Fourth & Fifth graders had listening practice and Seventh & Eighth graders had Yogasana practice. Ninth graders created a model displaying the several layers of the soil. Tenth graders learned about and practiced QBASIC.

Kavya School believes that a day of creative activities helps to strengthen and evolve students’ mental and physical status. This development has proved itself to be a great decision as response from students has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing excitement and appreciation for the newfound emphasis on experiential learning. As Book-Free Fridays continue to inspire students and educators alike, Kavya School stands as a shining example of the transformative power of progressive education. With this dynamism, the school is not only shaping young minds but also redefining the future of learning itself.

Aryan Thapa, a student of grade nine, shares, “The implementation of book-free Fridays has allowed me to focus on my passions and also take a break from the stress that comes with school.” Tejash Khadka adds,” Everyone in the school enjoys book-free Fridays, it’s almost like having a day off.” 

Mrs. Sabina Shrestha, a science facilitator, emphasizes, “Book-free Fridays cultivate essential life skills while nurturing creativity, enhancing verbal expression, and writing ability in students.”

Date : 2023-09-13